Educational potential of iPhone strengthened by new app Addition Beach

Addition Beach screenshotTorquay, England - 18 December 2009 - iPhone app developers Zoo Stars announced today the release of Addition Beach, designed to improve the addition skills of children aged 5+. Harnessing the potential of the iPhone/iPod touch as an educational tool, Addition Beach offers the unique combination of an appealing game environment underpinned by core educational methodology.

Addition Beach is the first app to be released from a series in development by Zoo Stars, aimed at parents and teachers looking for a new, fun and engaging way of helping young children develop their essential mathematics skills.

Tried and tested in a home and classroom environment, Addition Beach has a simple, colorful interface, featuring the Zoo Stars characters on a cartoon style beach scene. Questions are presented in an animated cloud, under which float four balloons containing answer choices for the user to tap.

It features:

“It’s an ideal complement to traditional written exercises that children are encouraged to practice.” says Zoo Stars co-founder Ben Taylor, confident that parents will download Addition Beach for their kids. “It’s also simply an entertaining, yet constructive way of amusing children with your iPhone.”

Pricing and Availability:
* Addition Beach is available for download on the iTunes App Store, for the introductory price of $0.99 (€0.79, £0.59). Free promo codes for review purposes are available on request.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone or iPod touch running OS2.0 or higher


Zoo Stars website
Addition Beach web page
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About Zoo Stars:
The UK based Zoo Stars team is committed to establishing their brand as providers of fun, distinctive, high quality educational children’s apps for iPhone/iPod touch. Their combined talent and experience comes from careers in software development, design, training and teaching.


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